Kids and Teens

Over a decade of offering music lessons in many cities in Canada has proven to me time and again that the rewards of learning an instrument are twofold. Beyond the obvious musical development, there are deep rooted psychological, emotional and mental benefits to a child's development towards adulthood. Students who study and learn to play a musical instrument tend to score higher grades in school. They tend to become more patient adults, critical thinkers, socially confident, learn how to be accountable for their actions, hold down a schedule and openly share their emotions with others just to name a few of the benefits I have noticed.

I believe that music lessons should be a fun and boundary-expanding experience. That is why I build a custom curriculum for each and every one of my students that follows their own musical desires and interests. That doesn't mean there won't be hard work - there is lots of that!  It means that my students enjoy the satisfaction of applying the techniques they learn in class to their favourite melodies and songs in short time!


Are you a working adult? Perhaps you are a retiree? You would be surprised to know that about 50% of my students are adults in the same boat as you! That's right. You CAN teach an 'old dog' new tricks. You may also be surprised to know that adult students learn those new tricks even quicker than children do. It's simple. Adults already possess fully developed minds and motor skills that children are still developing.

Learning an instrument as an adult is just as exciting and fresh as it would have been if you were 10 years old! It is a journey that offers the same original pleasure of acquiring new knowledge and skills as you achieve each goal along the way.

Why Private Lessons?

My approach of blending private and group lessons allows you to learn much quicker than possible in a primary or secondary school setting. My expertise as both an instructor of music and as a musician is something that cannot typically be found in a place of public learning (primary and secondary school, colleges etc). Beyond the time we spend together I will be spending many hours behind the scenes creating custom lesson material and plans that suit your precise challenges to better help you become the musician you have only dreamed of becoming.

Become a Student

Are you ready to cross the bridge of interest into the reality of learning an instrument? The first step is to register to my student portal for guitar lessons, voice lessons or percussion lessons. Once you have registered I will contact you by phone as I like to speak to each of you before we meet to find out how I can help you become a better musician. At this time we can talk about scheduling or you can be added to a waiting list. There is a limit to how many students I teach and there is usually a waiting list. If I cannot get you or your child on the calendar immediately I will phone you and let you know as soon as something opens up. I always give first dibs to my concurrent students.

Family Discount

Sign up for your family and receive a 10% discount for each child.

Bring a Friend

Bring a friend or relative and I will give you and your friend a 10% discount on your tuition for the full academic semester. Bring another friend and I will discount your tuition another 10%. I will keep reducing your tuition for as many friends as you bring! There are students who have free lessons :)

Current Available Schedule Times  
There are currently Monday and Friday times open for the coming summer semester for guitar lessons and voice lessons.